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Our principal specialty is CNC turning.

  • CNC Swiss to 1” diameter (dual end-working, main and sub-spindle indexing, side and end working with rotary tools, 7 turning tools). Machining quantities of 50 to 20000, depending on complexity.
  • CNC 2 axis bar work from .010 diameter to 2” diameter, slugs up to 6” diameter.
    Machining quantities from 1 to 5000.
  • CNC Milling up to 6" vice, machining quantities from 1-5000.
  • We machine a great variety of materials, a list comprised of 8 aluminum alloys, 11 stainless alloys, more than 6 copper alloys, more than 6 exotics, 11 steels, and at least 16 varieties of plastics. Check out the links under Materials.
  • We specialize in cast acrylics. See Plastics under Materials.
  • We do small part microscopic machining, inspection and deburring.
  • We have support capabilities including FeatureCAM CAD and CAM design, cold and abrasive sawing, vibratory finishing abrasive blasting, brazing and small TIG welding.
  • Vapor Polishing and Annealing of CCA+Polycarbonate.