Precision products

Combining craftsmanship and responsibility to make your products a success.

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Product development

We create new products from concept and idea, as well as redesigning products to our clients specifications.

Machining capabilities

Prototyping, form and fit testing, accessories, and functional components for end-use applications.


We've worked with over 50 different materials.


Optical rings

Optical Rings, custom

Optics components such as filters, windows and lenses are often cemented into protective metal rings, usually made of aluminum.

Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator Pin Chuck

The “Dial Indicator Pin Chuck” was developed to save time by avoiding the need to make or modify dial indicator contact points for measuring small holes and slots.

Rod ends ball

Rod ends-Ball Joint-Miniature Nickel Silver

Our rod ends are made of 792 Nickel-Silver, which is actually a Copper/Nickel alloy. The ball is 316 stainless, with a thru hole.

About us

We specialize in machining plastic and stainless steel parts and assemblies, including miniature TIG welding, soldering and brazing. We are skilled in manufacturing for many industries. Our customers trust us to provide them with quality parts to their specifications.

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    Precision products

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    Hugh Cockrill,  Technical, President/Owner
    Deb FoxOperations Manager, Sales, Quotations


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