Equipment List


Nakamura TMC-18 CNC Lathe

  • 2.0″ through chuck, 1.75″ through collets
  • High-speed indexing, high-speed rapid traverse
  • Spindle orientation
  • Quick change VDI tooling
  • 4500 RPM spindle, Fanuc 21T control
  • LNS hydrodynamic barfeed
Nakura TMC-18 CNC Lathe
Nakura TMC-18 CNC Lathe

Tsugami SX26 CNC Swiss Screw Machine

  • 1.024″ diameter capacity
  • Sub-spindle indexing, dual end-working capability
  • Side and end milling, drilling, tapping
  • 7.5 H.P. 6300 rpm, Fanuc LA-1 control
  • Turnamics Swiss style bar feed

Tsugami Sx26 CNC

Tsugami Micro 5 CNC Lathe

  • 1.063″ through collets
  • 5″ chuck (1.25″ through hole)
  • Fast indexing, fast programming
  • High-speed rapid traverse
  • Fast 6000 RPM spindle, Meldas LOA control
  • Tsugami hydrodynamic barfeed

Tsugami Micro 5CNC Lathe

Trak 2 OP CNC Milling

  • 6,000 RPM Spindle
  • (8) BT 30 Tool Positions
  • 14x12x17 XYZ Travels
  • 6″ Vice
Trak 2 OP CNC Milling
Trak 2 OP CNC Milling


Plastics Heat Treat – Yamato Oven.


Miller Maxstar 200LX

  • Fully programmable control of initial amps, slopes, gas shielding. Remotely controlled. 1 to 100 amps. Weld times full on for a little as 1 second or pulsed for even less heat distortion of the workpiece.
  • Interfaced with 2″ diameter maximum capacity TIG lathe (with tailstock) with its own RPM and direction adjustments.
  • Additional, even smaller capacity TIG lathe, with even finer time and current adjustments.
Miller Maxstar 200LX


  • Acetylene gas torches, both conventional and Henrob.


  • Butane gas torches, using fluxes for Stainless Steel and wire or paste solders.