We make spring-loaded parts retrievers, or screw starters, in standard sizes as well as for custom applications. We can help you design one for your particular need.

  • Can pick up parts off the bottom of plating baths, and many other hard-to-reach situations.
  • Can start screws at a distance, because of their notched jaws.
  • Will hold nuts at a distance for assembling, either straight-on or sideways.
  • Will hold wipers for swabbing tubes, or sanding.
  • Corrosion resistant, sterilizable, 304 stainless.
  • 12" version can pick up 1.0 lb. with simple jaw pressure. (Shown picking up a 12" adjustable wrench.)
  • Shortest version can pick up a 3/4" dia. bar weighing more than 1.5 lbs, by pulling the plunger to hold the jaws together.

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