Razor Blade Holder - Roller Cutoff Holder

Razor Blade Holder, part# 100.16040500

Razor Blade Holder

Made in USA, steel lathe toolbit razor blade holder.

Steel Lathe toolbit razor blade holder. To cut silicone rubber, PTFE, natural rubber, neoprene, vinyl tubing and rod. 3/8″ square shank can be held in lathe tool holder position or in a square collet. Use a 5/64″ hex wrench. Uses standard single-edge razor blades.

Price is $33.75 each, or $74.75 for one each of the Razor Blade Holder and the Roller Cutoff tool described below. (Plus $15 ground shipping in U.S.)

Buy Blade Holder, or Blade Holder plus Roller Cutoff tool:

Roller Cutoff Holder, part# 100.15042401

Roller Cutoff Holder

EMT tubing cutter in lathe. Thin wall steel, brass or copper tubing cutoff. Hardened steel blade. Intended for cutoff close to a collet at less than 600 rpm, or circular groove marking without cutoff. 1/2″ square steel shank.

Price is $46.00 each, or $74.75 for one each of the Razor Blade Holder and Roller Cutoff tools. (Plus $15 ground shipping in U.S.)

Buy Roller Cutoff Holder, or Roller Cutoff + Blade Holder tool:

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