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We specialize in machining plastic and stainless steel parts and assemblies, including miniature TIG welding, soldering and brazing.

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We are skilled in manufacturing for the medical industry, in fact we have six customers in the medical device industry. We understand the needs of the medical field.

Over the last ten years one of our specialties has become plastic parts. We are very skilled at making clear cast acrylic and polycarbonate parts, covering the full range of diamond turning and milling, vapor polishing, mechanical polishing and annealing.

Longevity of this business (since 1966) is a slight indicator of what we can offer to our customers, but with all that time comes a wealth of experience. As each employee joins us, we communicate our standards, procedures and methods to the next generation.

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We have constantly upgraded our equipment, and within the last few years we have started milling with our turntable/pallet machine. It has opened up new directions for us with plastic parts in particular.

We accept major credit cards for small or one-time purchases. Order over the phone at 1-508-429-2005 or 1-800-770-8517. After credit is established with us, our normal terms are 1% Ten, Net 30.


Who we are:

Hugh Cockrill, Sales, quotations, technical, owner
Deb Fox, Sales manager
Walter O’Hearn, Accounting

H.G. Cockrill Corporation

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